“In this bright future, you can’t forget your past” – R.N.M

At P&H our mission is to “take mankind back to its roots”. By this, we do not mean bring about another ice age and go and live scantily clad in a forest… although the second part of that does sound exciting.

By “take mankind back to its roots” we mean rediscover some of the fantastic things our modern world has lost. The first of these things on our list… hemp.

Next on our list? Well, that depends on our core values of:

  • Balance
  • Depth of meaning
  • Simplicity

But that’s enough corporate exhaust fumes.

For you the customer we offer:

  1. Fantastic customer service of happy people who care about you and the f*****g postman who keeps losing your packages.
  2. Convenience. Our mission is to get you your products in under one hour if you live in a capital city and in under 24 hours if you’re adventurous enough to live in the forest scantily clad (i.e not the city).
  3. Quality. When I say we have literally been across the whole of the European Union, spoken to every farmer we could find and lost many nights of sleep to make our catalogue -well, you’re just going to have to trust me. Why? Amazing products and awesome prices. 

We are a Lisbon based company started by two French guys and a Brit, with sites set on the rest of Europe!

If you want to join our movement, have ideas on what we could do next or fancy a chat, please reach out.

Lucas. Pisaroni




Av. Duque de Loulé 12 6º e 7º andar, 1050-090 Lisboa